Pretty Boy lunch menu

Lunch is served Mon-Fri 10.30-15 and Sat 11-14

Lunch Combo

Wings (8 pcs) / boneless 11.3€ | Nochicken 12.3€
with a sauce of your choice & small trasher fries

Pretty Greens (L,G)

Charcoal-grilled chicken, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, oriental tomato sauce, tzatziki, savory yogurt- buttermilk dressing, red onion, leaf parsley & lemon 11.3€


Wings 10.9€ | Boneless 11.3€ | NoChicken 12.3€
 Bowls are served with Thai rice, please choose the sauce below.

Pretty Bowl (L,G)

Gently fiery Pretty Boy signature buffalo sauce, fresh pickles, coleslaw & buttermilk-cream cheese dressing, finished with chives

Motto Bowl (L,G)

Umami-rich miso caramel sauce from fermented soybeans, coleslaw, fresh pickles, green apple, ginger, sesame seeds, chives & lime

Bang Bowl (M,G)

Chili-garlic caramel sauce, fresh pickles, coleslaw, crispy garlic, lime & fresh sliced chili, garnished with coriander (contains fish sauce)

Senpai Bowl (VE)

Fresh and citrusy yuzu sauce with garlic and soy, fresh pickles, coleslaw, coriander, chili, sesame seeds & chives

Green Bowl (VE)

Fiery green Aji Verde- sauce with chili and garlic, fresh pickles, coleslaw, creamy creme fraiche dressing & chives

Soul Bowl (L)

Mellow gochujang sauce, buttermilk-cream cheese dressing, fresh pickles, coleslaw & spring onion, sprinkled with kimchi-sesame

Fluffy Bowl (L,G) +1.5€

Gently fiery Pretty Boy buffalo sauce, fresh pickles, coleslaw, crispy garlic, buttermilk-cream cheese dressing & chives, under a snow of grated parmesan

Pretty Boy Iso Omena

📍 Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo
Iso Omena shopping centre
📞 +358 50 382 6540

   We are open:
   Monday-Thursday 10.30-18
   (-21 take away)
   Friday 10.30-18
   (-22 take away)
   Saturday 11-18
   (-22 take away)
   Sunday 12-18
   (-20 take away)

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