Pretty Boy lunch

Lunch Platter

Create a lunch to your liking – choose 1 from each category (1-3)
and finish with a delicious dip!


Wings (8 pcs)
NOchicken (vege)
+Extra protein +2€


Hand-cut Fries
Side salad (L,G) +1€



Pretty Boy Buffalo

Pretty Boy Buffalo (L,G)

Gently fiery Pretty Boy buffalo sauce, cream cheese dressing & chives

Bang Coq Wings

Bang Coq (M,G)

Chili-garlic caramel sauce, crispy garlic, lime & fresh sliced chili, garnished with coriander (contains fish sauce)

Manchester Dynamite

Manchester Dynamite (L,G)

Tangy honey-Sriracha sauce, marinated red onion, Creme Fraiche, chili & chives

Green Papi

Green Papi (VE)

Tangy and herby Ranch spice mix by Pretty Boy, cream cheese dressing & chives

Fluffy Buffalo

Fluffy Buffalo (L,G)

Gently fiery Pretty Boy buffalo sauce, crispy garlic, buttermilk-cream cheese dressing & chives, under a snow of grated parmesan +1,9€

Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor (L.G)

Mellow gochujang sauce, buttermilk-cream cheese dressing & spring onion, sprinkled with kimchi-sesame

Taco & Fries (L) 10.90€

Flatbread, chili or beetroot hummus, crispy chicken, aioli, honey-sriracha, creme fraiche, red onion, fennel, chili, cilantro and pomegranate served with hand-cut fries

Pretty Salad 13.90€

Salad base, hummus, pickled cucumber, coleslaw, tomato, red onion & your choice of protein and sauce from point 3.

  • boneless
  • NOchicken

Lunch Burger & Fries (L) 13,90€

Daily changing Milk Bun Burger with crispy chicken, Smash beef, or NoChicken (+€2),
served with hand-cut fries

Lunch is not served at Pretty Boy Airport.

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