Pretty Boy Story

The Pretty Boy story started in front of Lommila’s Gigantti 1st June 2020.

I stood with the equipment in my hands. A new deep fryer, air fryer, a pack of beer, and a bottle of Torres 10.
I had just got fired for the first time in my life.

I called Markus; a good friend of mine and a wing-lover. Let’s do it!

I sat outside on a warm summer night and fried chicken until 3 am. The trail had been opened.

The idea about establishing a wingery had been formed earlier among friends while having fun and enjoying wings. The world of street food, passion for chicken and focus on handmade sauces all in one. From Tokyo to Texas – from Argentina to Seoul. Mind-blowingly delicious and always carefully prepared. Just like we do for friends.

We had plenty of time to further develop the great ideas about gourmet wings while COVID19 was raging around the world. We got a great gang with us. The professional kitchen multiplayer, chef, and cookbook writer Sami Rekola, Janne Lagerström – an experienced entrepreneur, the marketing superstar Jussi Harju and Markus Jussila – the guru of company culture.

Pretty Boy is a special rooster of a henhouse. The term is derived from the mouths of farmers. Thanks, JP for telling this to us and giving us an idea for our name.

Pretty Boy spread its wings for the first time in May 2021 when the ‘Wheeler’ parked on Töölöntori in Helsinki.
There is a new cock on the block.


Pretty Boy® values

You have to work hard for the better

Nothing unique has ever been done quickly and easily. Raw materials, recipes, wing making, customer service, everything. We always see a little more effort, and we always do things a little better.

Caring and taking responsibility

We take care of each other, our customers, our suppliers, and our raw materials. Pretty Boy is always fair and outspoken. We do what is right.

A little wild, a little overt, but always with quality

Life is a person’s best time, which is why everything doesn’t always have to be so serious. Let’s do things our own way. It doesn’t matter if you ever go a little over, but the quality is never compromised.

Pretty stories in photos

Pretty Boy henkilökuntaa
Kariniemen, Pusan tila
Osakkaat Mikko ja Sami1
Pretty Boy Wingeryn vuoromestari työssään
Pretty Boy Lahjakortti
Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy Wheeler Helsinki
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