Pretty Boy Wingfest 9.-26.5.2024

Wingfest is an event concept already known around the world, wing festivals, where the best creators, tastiest chicken dishes and trendy new and familiar flavors are brought together. Now it’s time to Wingfest in Finland too!

Wingfests are celebrated in Pretty Boy restaurants at regular intervals. There will be parties full of flavor, good times and amazing offers!

At the same time, we celebrate the arrival of the Kariniemi Wingfest® novelties to cheer up the autumn darkness! Wingfest products combine Finnish Kariniemi chicken with Pretty Boy’s inimitable sauces and finishing spices. You can find Wingfest products in K- and S- chain stores all over the country!

Pretty Boy Airport is excluded from the campaign.

Wings 1€ / pcs

Feel free to try different sauces or even share a bigger set among the group! You can choose one sauce for every five wings.

*Fluffy Buffalo sauce= 1-5 wings +1€, 10 wings +2€, 20 wings +3€, 30 wings +4€

Boneless & Fries 10€

Boneless chicken in a sauce of your choice, fries & pickled cucumber

Bang Burger & Fries 10€

Milk bun, aioli, caramelized chili-garlic sauce, red onion, chili, lettuce & chicken or smash beef patty. NoChicken +2€

OG Burger & Fries 10€

Milk bun, aioli, ketchup, mustard, pickles, red onion, cheddar & chicken or smash beef patty. NoChicken +2€

Pretty Boy Wingery Buffalo wings
Pretty Boy Wingfest
Pretty Boy Bang Coq

Kariniemi’s Wingfest is a product line that brings together the most popular chicken dishes of the moment as easy-to-prepare products. The products make it easy and quick to prepare restaurant-quality food even every day! Wing festivals make everyday life much tastier and the weekend a party!

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