Pretty Boy

Responsibly together!

Pretty Boy Style
Pretty Boy- Style

For us, responsibility belongs to each and every day. We always implement responsibility in the Pretty Boy style. Only by acting like this can we be sure that responsibility is a natural part of our everyday activities.

People First
People First

Responsibility is something to do together, not a list of everything that others think is responsible. We visit our partners and create something better together and get to know each other and our products deeply. We avoid responsibility jargon so that everyone understands how and why we make more responsible choices.

Good Choices
Good Choices

Domestic, nearby, from partners who act responsibly. It is important to us that our guests can also easily find our partners' view on responsibility. Domestic chicken and potato at the center of everything!

Pretty Boy Journey

We can improve our operations every day; wastage, portion sizes, waste sorting and disposal, delivery frequency, meat-free options and sustainable and recyclable materials. We do continuous research for better choices. There are opportunities every day.

Responsibly together

We work closely with our amazing partners. Read more about their responsible actions below!

Towards a better tomorrow together with our partners!

Together we can do better! Read the links below about the responsibility of our domestic partners.

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